1.) What is a Carat?

A Carat (Karat in USA & Germany) was originally a unit of mass (weight) based on the Carob seed or bean used by ancient merchants in the Middle East. The Carob seed is from the Carob or locust bean tree. The carat is still used as such for the weight of gem stones (1 carat is about 200 mg). For gold, it has come to be used for measuring the purity of gold where pure gold is defined as 24 carats.


2.) What is a diamond?

A diamond is a crystal made up entirely of carbon atoms that are arranged in an isometric, or cubic, matrix. A cubic crystal arrangement is one in which the crystal essentially expands outward at the same rate in all directions during its initial growth; the ideal result, when the crystal forms without any interference, is a pure and perfectly formed octahedral shape.


3.) How is a diamond cut?

A newly mined rough diamond looks more like a piece of glass washed up on the beach than like the polished gems sold in jewelry stores. Bringing out their beauty requires the skill and art of a trained diamond cutter.


4.) What is an “Ideal Cut”?

The “Ideal Cut” is a cut based on a specific set of proportions for a round brilliant diamond proposed by gem cutter Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. While Tolkowsky’s original theories presented only one particular combination of proportions for creating the best balance of brilliance and dispersion, today the American Gemological Society recognizes any diamond falling within a narrow range of proportions and finish quality as being an “Ideal Cut” (also called an “AGS 0” or “AGS triple zero”).


5.) How will the delivery be done?

We process the national delivery only through reputed insured couriers like ????. For International orders,  our courier partner would be ????


6.)  To which pin code we deliver?

CrystalCut.in delivers product all over India,  at every pin code. The jewellery you ordered will be delivered at your door steps.


7.)  Where is your jewelry made?

Most of our Jewellery is made in India and in our workshop by the finest  craftsman with utmost care and finishing.  


8.)   Can I commission a custom design?

Please call our Customer care team and they will be able to help you. You can customize the gold karat and the diamond color-clarity combination online as per your choice.


9.) Can I order by phone?

Sure. You can browse through our designs on the website and order your selected design by phone. Our customer care representative would help you place the order. Please contact them at 0261-4012473 / 8200771985.


10) Is my jewelry authentic and certified?

All diamond and gemstone jewelry bought from CrystalCut.in  is certified by  IGI and DLI  and all gold jewelry bought from CrystalCut.in  is BIS hallmarked, some of the most respected and trusted diamond grading bodies in the world.

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